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Ten Tips for Documenting Magic Christmas Moments with Your Phone's Camera!

Christmas is just round the corner, and as always the season for giving promises lots of opportunities for magical core memories and unforgettable moments with loved ones. Now, I could rant and rave alllllll day about the benefits of hiring a professional photographer to document your most precious moments, but (for obvious reasons) i'm yet to meet a professional photographer that chooses to work Christmas Day! So this is probably the one and only time you will ever hear me say this.... all you need to capture these core memories is your trusty phone camera and my top tips!

A boy and girl holding a balloon that says ' were going to disneyland'

1.All photography is all about light.

  • Take advantage of natural light by positioning your children/grannies/dogs in Christmas jumpers near windows, open doors or any other natural light source- if they can withstand the cold get some family group portraits outside.

2.Clear Lens, Clear Pics:

  • Before you start snapping away, always give your phone's camera lens a quick wipe with a soft cloth/corner of your t-shirt.  Smudges and fingerprints may seem inconspicuous, but they can significantly impact the clarity and crispness of your photos.

3. Keep it Candid:

  • Forget the poses! and stop trying to get children to say 'Cheeeeeeeeeeese'! Saying 'Cheese' usually creates a forced fake grimace of a smile, and its not fun for them either. Instead make fart noises, or get uncle Peter doing a funny dance... anything that will induce a natural smile! Just let your kiddos be themselves, capturing those genuine, real-life moments that tell a story.

4.Play with Angles:

  • Get creative with your shots! Crouch down to their level or experiment with different angles for a bit of fun. For flattering angles/ selfies hold the phone a little higher than your head!

5. Deck the Halls in Your Photos:

  • Incorporate Christmas traditions and decorations into your photos to create a festive atmosphere. Proud of your tree this year?....document it!! Made your own wreath?....document it!

a beautifully decorated Christmas tree

6.Burst Mode Action:

  • If you have kids under 10 and you're not familiar with burst mode....get familiar. Kids are all about energy, right? I know my two genuinely struggle to keep still for more than 3 seconds. Capture those lively moments with burst mode, so you don't miss a thing.

7. Strike a Pose with Portrait Mode:

  • Make use of portrait mode for that professional touch. It's perfect for highlighting those heartwarming emotions and trying out that professional bokeh look. Use portrait mode to emphasise facial expressions, focusing on the emotions that make the festive season so special.

8.Add a Dash of Editing Magic:

  • After the festivities, use user-friendly editing apps to give your photos that final touch. Brighten them up, add a little contrast, just play with them until your happy with how they look. Some apps have filters that you can use that aren't too heavy and just offer a touch of definition and a clearer image.

9.Hop in the Frame:

  • Possibly the most important tip: Make sure to jump into the photos yourself. Ask a friend or family member to take photos of you with the kiddos. ESPECIALLY candid ones. In fact just send this blog to husbands, grannies, aunts....everyone, surely someone will grab some pics of you in return for some of them?After all, you're a big part of these awesome memories!

a family enjoying their Christmas dinner

10. Print the Magic: A Handy Phonebook Reminder:

  • Don't let your digital memories gather virtual dust. Take the time to print your favourite photos or even create a yearly Christmas photo book. After all, there's something timeless about flipping through the pages of a well-curated selection of images that mean something to YOU!

So, (I definitely shouldn't be saying this again), as it turns out, your phone's camera can actually be a powerful photography tool, and getting to know its settings can help you to get the most out of Documenting Magic Christmas moments . (For all your other magical moments perfectly and timelessly documented....I'm your gal!) Remember, it's not just about the perfect shot but about being present in the frame yourself. Your kids will thank you later when they look back and see you as a part of those happy fun memories. Happy snapping and happy Christmas!

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